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Construction of bridges - Russia

Soaring bridge (Paryashiy Most)

The “Soaring bridge” in Zaryadye Park in Moscow is a unique structure, which was one of the masterpieces of the 21st century that amaze humanity with ingenious ingenuity and making the most incredible engineering fantasies into reality.

The realization of this grandiose architectural masterpiece was carried out by EVRASCON Corporation

“The soaring bridge” is a viewing platform that has no analogue in the world. The effect of soaring over the territory of the park and over the Moscow River is created by the shape of the structure in the form of a Latin letter V with a viewing platform with a total length of 244 meters. The pedestrian overpass of the “Soaring Bridge” amazes the imagination with its monumental beauty. The width of the sidewalks is 4.4 meters, the weight of the bridge structure is 3700 tons, the height above the water at the center point of the site is 15 meters, and the departure of the cantilevered support part is 70 meters. Until now, buildings with such a console can not be built.

The design is made using stressed concrete, which allows the structure to withstand significant loads - more than 240 tons or about 4 thousand people at a time. The observation platform along the entire length of the pedestrian overpass is fenced from high-strength glass “triplex” with a height of 1.5 meters. The bridge offers panoramic views of the Kremlin, the central embankments and the Zaryadye Park.

Construction of the bridge began in June 2016, and in September 2017 its grand opening took place. EVRASCON Corporation implemented the project in a timely manner, confirming its professionalism and quality of work of the highest complexity.