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Euro-Asian Construction Corporation "EVRASCON" is reliable partner in the implementation of the construction work of the highest complexity

The development of the construction industry in modern conditions opens up new opportunities for the successful activity of the Euro-Asian Construction Corporation “EVRASCON”. Application of innovations, compliance with international quality standards, proven technologies and qualified multidisciplinary personnel make the Corporation competitive in all countries where we operate. The policy of the corporation is based on a highly efficient system of management and control over engineering development, material and technical supply, the construction process at all stages, and testing the quality of facilities.

In the last decade, EVRASCON Corporation, occupying a leading position in the construction market of the country, participates in the implementation of large infrastructure projects outside Azerbaijan.

The most ambitious of them is the Europe-Western China transport corridor (8 500 km) through the territories of Russia and Kazakhstan. According to international experts, it is much more economical to operate (delivery of goods - 10 days) compared to the railway route via the Trans-Siberian Railway (11.5 thousand km and 14 days), not to mention the sea route through the Suez Canal (24 thousand km, 45 days).

EVRASСON Corporation reconstructed two major sections of this transport infrastructure in Kazakhstan: on the highway border of the Russian Federation (Samara) - Shymkent (49 km) and on the highway Shymkent - Tashkent (32 km).

The beginning of activities in this country is connected with the project of extention the Aktau port (2006), developed on the basis of the development strategy "Kazakhstan 2030". The Corporation also participated in the construction of a New Trade Port of Kazakhstan on the east coast of the Caspian Sea - Port Kuryk, the operation of which began in late 2016.

In Uzbekistan, the activities of the EVRASCON Corporation began in 2013. In 2014-2016 40 km (315-355 km) of the Guzar-Bukhara-Nukus-Beyneu highway was successfully implemented. Completion of the project ensured an increase in international transit traffic, created conditions for the safe movement of goods and passengers. As a general contractor in 2016-2019 EVRASCON participated in the reconstruction of 58 km of the international road A-373 Tashkent-Osh, passing at an altitude of 2268 m through the Kamchik pass - the only land route between the Tashkent region and the Fergana valley.

In Moldova, the Corporation's projects include the construction of roads on three sections: two sections along the Chisinau-Ungheni highway (17.6 km and 22 km), as well as a section on the Hincesti-Lapusna highway (37 km), including 7 bridges and about a hundred culvert pipes. Projects started in 2014 and was completed in 2019.

In Ukraine, EVRASCON began work on building road junctions at various levels and repairing the M06 Kiev-Chop highway (2009), then building a bridge across the Zdvizh river, repairing the Kiev-Yagodin highway within the Kiev region.

In Russian Federation, the first of the projects was the reconstruction project of the Lenin dam (2010) and the construction of a bridge across the Kazanka river. The Corporation also took part in the creation of the Sviyazhsk Interregional Logistics Center (Tatarstan) and the reconstruction of the port of Makhachkala (Dagestan). In Moscow, along with the grandiose project of the present - “Paryashiy Most”, EVRASCON Corporation was entrusted with the construction of tunnels on the Kalininsko-Solntsevskaya metro line (from Ramenki station to Novo-Peredelkino).

Successful completion of all these projects, participation in the implementation of a transcontinental project linking Europe and Asia, clearly confirms the status of EVRASCON Corporation as a reliable partner, ready to show professionalism at all stages of construction work of the highest complexity.