Who we are

Our history

High quality of work performed, the world's best construction equipment, the latest achievements in the field of construction, qualified multidisciplinary staff - this is what “EVRASCON” can offer you today

Euro-Asian Construction Corporation “EVRASCON” (formerly “Azerkorpu”) was established in 1968 in Baku under the Ministry of Transport Construction of the USSR and began its activity as “Mostootryad-100”. As a result of privatization in 2001, the company received the status of a joint stock company. In 2013, a rebranding was carried out at Azerkorpu OJSC, as a result of which the company changed its name to the Euro-Asian Construction Corporation “EVRASCON”.

As one of the few multi profile companies in Azerbaijan, “EVRASCON” implements a number of important projects in various sectors of the economy, contributing to the rapid development of the country. Today, when Azerbaijan resembles a giant construction site, “EVRASCON” Corporation, having a multi-disciplinary qualification, is one of the largest companies directly involved in large-scale construction work in the country.

“EVRASCON” participates in the implementation of projects financed by recognized international financial institutions, such as the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the European Commission, the Islamic Bank and TACIS programs.

In addition to Azerbaijan, the company actively participates in construction and design work abroad. Among these countries are Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Moldova.

Customers of the corporation are both local and foreign companies. They include State Agency of Roads of Azerbaijan, Ammelioration and Water Management OJSC, Azerbaijan Railways LLC, State Agency for Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of the Territories of Azerbaijan, Ministry of Economy of Azerbaijan, RosAvtodor, Ukravtodor, BP, BTJ (Baku-Tbilisi-Jeyhan), Tecfen, Petrofac, Technip, Washingon International Ink., Keppel Kazakhstan LLP, International Sea Port of Kazakhstan, JSC NC "KazAvtoZhol", Committee of Roads and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Road Fund of Uzbekistan, State Driving Administration of Republic of Modova, Port of Baku, Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, "Azersu", Baku Metro.

For the first time, “EVRASCON” built such unique projects in Azerbaijan as in 2007 a traffic interchange near the Koroglu metro station and an overpass at the intersection of Tbilisi Avenue and Hasan Zardabi St. using monolithic prestressed reinforced concrete, in 2009 the highest bridge was built in the Republic of Azerbaijan - the bridge over the Tovuzchay River, whose height of the supports is 34 m, and in 2012 the bridge over the Syrdarya River in Kazakhstan using prestressed reinforced concrete.

And it was the corporation “EVRASCON” that was the first to build a bridge with the method of a balanced console. This is a bridge across the Ural River in the Makhambet district in Kazakhstan in 2017. In 2010-2018, important hydrotechnical and offshore projects such as the Takhtakorpu reservoir were completed - the height of which is 142.5 m is one of the highest earthen dams not only in the region but also in Europe, the construction of the New Baku International Sea Trade Port in Azerbaijan, the construction of the Ferry Terminal in the port of Kuryk in Kazakhstan and so on.

In addition, in 2017, an exceptional project was carried out - the Soaring Bridge in Moscow (a viewing platform in the form of the Latin letter "V" located in the Zaryadye Park in the very center of Moscow). The total length of the observation deck reaches almost 245 meters, while it is supported only by two pillars located almost at the base of the bridge, and the departure length of the cantilever part is 70 meters. Towering 15 meters above the level of the Moscow River, the bridge seems to float above it - that's why it was called “Soaring”. This project is unique and inimitable - it really is something outstanding, openly showing the capabilities of the Corporation, and its potential.

To solve these tasks, the company actively introduces new technologies, conducts monitoring and analysis of the Quality Management System for compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, the OHSAS 18001:2007 environmental management system, and OHSAS 18001:2007 occupational health and safety. constantly improving the work.

In addition, the company regularly conducts active work on training young personnel for innovative global programs. Thanks to the high quality of work and innovative solutions used today, “EVRASCON” makes a worthy competition to leading foreign companies and at the same time makes every effort to improve the quality of life of the Azerbaijani people and contribute to the further advancement of the country along the path of economic prosperity, and is ready to continue to maintain the status of one of the best Construction Companies in the Caucasus.