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Construction of bridges - Azerbaijan

Transport interchange near the "Koroglu" metro station in Baku

One of the largest projects carried out by our corporation is a complex road junction, which has no analogues in the CIS, and is located at the intersection of Heydar Aliyev and Ziya Buniyatov Avenues. The Client is the Ministry of Digital development and Transport of Azerbaijan.

The road junction consists of:

  • 9 bridges;
  • bridges access roads;
  • highways, which are part of the junction, having a total length of 3145.0 m.

The road is being built to provide direct traffic for vehicles traveling from the airport towards the 8 km, Akhmedli, Guneshli residential areas and from the Zikh circle in the direction of the highway to the airport.

Technical characteristics of the project:

  • Total length of the overpass - 3142 m;
  • 4-lane - 332 m, width - 23.4 m, dimension - 2 x 9.5 m;
  • 2-lane - 2812 m, width - 11.4 m, overall dimension - 9.5 m;
  • Access roads - 3000 m;
  • Retaining walls - 2721 m.