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Construction of roads - Ukraine

Traffic interchanges on the highway Kyiv-Chop (M-06)

International projects, implemented by the EVRASCON Corporation in accordance with the high standards, strengthen its professional image in the construction market of many countries. The projects implemented in Ukraine are among them: construction of the bridge over the Zdvyzh River, repair of the Kyiv-Yagodin highway (within the Kyiv Oblast), construction of interchanges on the Kyiv-Chop (M-06) highway.

Kyiv-Chop (M-06) highway is a road of international importance on the territory of Ukraine in the Western direction (to the border with Hungary), connected with important Trans-European routes. However, a large number of local roads at the intersection with M-06 causes a low traffic potential of the highway and an increase in road accidents.

The project, implemented by EVRASCON Corporation, included the construction of two interchanges, the reconstruction of two bridges and two overpasses, as well as the repair of a category 2 road (17.5 km) and a category 1 road (8.5 km). 2 new overpasses, one tunnel, 8 off-ramps and culverts were constructed at the first interchange (322 km of the highway). One new overpass, 4 off-ramps and culverts were constructed at the second interchange (348 km of the road).

EVRASCON Corporation have done all the work with high quality and using modern technologies, and helped not only to overcome the congestion of the Kyiv-Chop road, but also to increase the level of traffic safety and convenience on the highway, used by many European countries.