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Construction of bridges - Azerbaijan

Road bridge on the river Talachai in Zakatalа district

The bridge is a complex of complicated and expensive structures, the cost of construction of which substantially depend on the location of the crossing on the river. The Client of this project was the Republic of Azerbaijan “Melioration and Water Economy” OJSC.

Technical characteristics of the bridge:

  • Total bridge length L = 189.0 m;
  • Bridge scheme - 6 х 30.0 m;
  • Dimension of the bridge - G = 6.0 m.

The bridge is an integral part of the road, so when designing it, it is necessary, first of all, to take into account the main requirement - the best road transport service. The choice of a river crossing point should be subject to this requirement.

To achieve the main goal - the best transportation service - it is first necessary to ensure the continuity of traffic on the road. Therefore, the bridge structures should be designed and constructed in such a way as to remain stable and fulfill their functions under any conditions that can for a long period of their service. In other words, the transitional facilities must firmly withstand the action of flowing water and channel deformations predicted in forecasts.