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Construction of roads - Ukraine

Overhaul of the highway M-07 Kyiv-Kovel-Yagodin

This project provides for the overhaul of the M-07 Kyiv-Kovel-Yagodin highway at km 30 + 600 ÷ 64 + 000 and the construction of a new bridge across the Zdvizh river at km 51 + 845.08.

The customer was "Ukravtodor" Ukrainian State Road Service, and İRD Engineering S.R.J. acted as a consultant to EVRASCON Corporation.

The M-07 Kyiv-Kovel-Yagodin highway is an international road on the territory of Ukraine. It starts in Kiev and goes to the state border with Poland at the Yagodin checkpoint, then leads to Lublin. The route passes through large settlements: Gostomel, Malin, Korosten, Olevsk, Sarny, Manevichi, Kovel, Lyuboml. It is an integral part of the European route E-373. The total length is 486.5 km, with entrances 488.4 km.

For this project, EVRASCON Corporation carried out:

  • Overhaul of a road of length L = 33.4 km;
  • Construction of a bridge with a length of L = 109.20 m;
  • Construction 34 items culvert pipes of various sizes.