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Pile works - Kazakhstan

Construction of a residential building in the village of Almaty - pile works

Construction of residential buildings is an important and integral part of construction. EVRASCON Corporation completed piling works for a residential building in the suburb of Almaty.

The works of the EVRASCON Corporation included the installation of bored piles and the provision of equipment in use for the first stage of construction works (excavations). The equipment – an excavator for the excavation of pit and a machine for pile works.

Only special devices are required for insertion of bored piles. First, a special drill makes hole in the soil, a reinforced frame is then inserted by the machine. Then the well is filled with concrete fluid, which fills all the voids.

Given the landscape and geological conditions of the chosen construction site in Almaty Region, the implementation of this type of work required a lot of experience and professionalism, especially in the case of monolithic structure.