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Construction of bridges - Azerbaijan

Railway bridge crossing at 73 km of Saloglu-Poylu station on the Kura River

Railway bridge crossing is a complex of structures erected when a transport highway is built over a body of water: a river, a navigable or irrigation canal, a lake, a reservoir, and a marine water area - a strait, a bay, and a sea.

Most often, bridges are erected at the intersections of rivers by the highway. Such crossings are an integral part of the transport or transport routes (the latter corresponds to the condition when the river is navigable in the transition area).

Taking part in many projects for the reconstruction or construction of bridges, EVRASCON Corporation has patented itself as a responsible contractor in the implementation of such projects.

This project is no exception. The bridge span is presented as a continuous monolithic prestressed beam.

Bridge specifications:

  • Bridge scheme - 50.0 + 88.70 + 50.0 m:
  • Total length - 208.44 m;
  • Total beam width - 6.40 m.