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Offshore works - Azerbaijan

Construction of a berth for vessels of the Border Service of Azerbaijan

The Client was "Azerbaijan State Boundary Service".

The seaport in the village of Turkan is an important port for the protection of the coast. To protect the port waters and ships from the waves, two antiwave structures, western and eastern, were built.

Antiwave structures consist of an overpass structure. Their inner side serves to moor large ships. Berths are designed to accept vertical loads up to 2 tons / m2.

The territory of the berth is located on the southern coast of the Absheron Peninsula, 4 kilometers from the village of Turkan in the western direction.

At 300 m from the shore towards the sea and at 200 m to the shore a stone dam was built. The water area of ​​the berth covers 480 m of bulk area to the road.