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Infrastructure works - Azerbaijan

Complex of multi-storey residential buildings “Gumush Residence"

Complex "Gumush Residence" is one of the most attractive residential complexes in Baku, with a gorgeous view.

The complex, with a total area of ​​11200 square meters, consists of three main buildings, whose height is 16, 18 and 20 floors, as well as two 8-storey buildings. 110 apartments, 11 of which of type Duplex-1, located on the lower floors and 12 apartments of Duplex-2 type, located on the upper floors, as well as a three-storey office center were built using the most advanced building technologies and reflect the latest achievements of engineering.

Due to its unlimited experience in pile works, “EVRASCON” Corporation were entrusted with work on the pile foundation and installation of a monolithic reinforced concrete frame for the complex.

Given the scale, the landscape (the complex is located on a steep slope), and the volume of the complex, the work required high qualifications and experience, and was performed ideally on time, without a single flaw.