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Construction of bridges - Azerbaijan

Building an overpass and approaches on the Fizuli-Shusha highway near Boyuk Taghlar

The building work being done in the freed regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan is now one of the most significant national initiatives. As a result, the building of a bridge and approaches on the Fizuli-Shusha highway at the entrance to Boyuk Taglar would mark the start of the rehabilitation of Karabakh's complete transportation infrastructure.

The Ahmadbeyli-Fizuli-Shusha roadway is distinguished by the following technical features:

  • Bridge crossing scheme: 32.0 + 3 x 34.0 + 38.0 + 2 x 32.0 m;
  • Full extension: L = 245.918 m;
  • Track parameters: 2 (G-9.75) + 2 x 1.0 m.

The future bridge has a significant advantage in that it is made of prestressed T-shaped precast concrete trusses with lengths of 32.0, 34.0, and 38.0 m, as well as an individually sheared heat-resistant beam system that guarantees the beams operate together in the cross direction.

“EVRASCON” Corporation is in for a lot of intriguing work. We are prepared for any challenge since only the finest in the industry are involved in building.