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Construction of bridges - Azerbaijan

Bridge in the city of Geokchay over the river Geokchay

The bridge over the river Goychay in the town of Goychay is located on the Baku-Georgia border route of 215 km; it has a metal structure, a single-span, beam system with consoles.

  • The length of the middle section of the span structure between the abutments is L = 54.6 m;
  • The full length of the span structure with consoles is L = 76.6 m;
  • Distance between main beams is 7.6 m
  • The size of bridge passage is G = 11.5 m, the width of pedestrian sidewalks on the bridge on both sides is 1.5 m and the full width of the bridge is 15.4 m.

The bridge was put in commission in 2003.