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Irrigation works - Azerbaijan

Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline project

In order to implement the project of the main export oil pipeline Baku-Tbilisi-Jeyhan, which is of strategic importance for transporting oil to world markets, ensuring the long-term benefits of Azerbaijan, developing large-scale international economic cooperation and increasing oil production in the region, intense negotiations were held with world leaders that successfully completed.

4 billion dollars was spent for the construction of an oil pipeline with a length of 1774 km, extending from the Sangachal terminal to the Mediterranean port of Turkey Jeyhan. The BTJ oil pipeline provides pumping of 50 million tons of Azerbaijani oil per year. At present, over 2 million barrels of oil are pumped daily through this oil pipeline.

Taking into account the scale of the project, the number of construction companies was too many, each with a specific functionality.

The following works were entrusted to EVRACON Corporation:

  • Earthworks;
  • Concrete works;
  • Hore protection work;
  • Construction of barrage;
  • Access roads.

As well as the construction of a pumping station PSA2 in the Yevlakh region, including:

  • Work on the construction of tubular crossings on the collective drains C-1;
  • Work on cleaning and restoration of the collective drainage С-1 with a length of 5200 m;
  • Work on the construction of closed drains for protection against groundwater along the perimeter of the pumped pumping station of BTJ oil pipeline;
  • Restoration of the channel along the VKK;
  • Work on the construction of a closed drain D-1 - L = 900 m.