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Offshore works - Kazakhstan

Aktau Port Expansion

For the first time, the exit of EVRASCON Corporation from Azerbaijan began with cooperation with Kazakhstan in 2006. Considering the experience in irrigation works, EVRASCON Corporation was entrusted with the Extension of one of the most important ports of Kazakhstan - Aktau Port. The Client was the International Sea Port of Kazakhstan.

Aktau Port is a very important strategic object of Kazakhstan and the only competitive commercial sea port of the Republic, which meets all the requirements of maritime safety and marine service. Aktau port expansion plan was developed based on the development strategy "Kazakhstan 2030" and the requirements of national programs of development of the Kazakhstan sector of the Caspian Sea and the industrial-innovative development of the country.

Work on the expansion of the port was started in the beginning of 2008. Types of work in the port, except preparations (which includes organizational, mobilization of workers and machinery), also include:

  • Earthworks;
  • Dumping rock mass;
  • Laying stone;
  • Surveys of the bottom of the water area;
  • Pile manufacture and driving;
  • Concrete work.

The construction period was divided into five stages:

  • Preparatory work;
  • Construction of a temporary pier;
  • Construction of a breakwater;
  • Dismantling of the temporary pier;
  • Completion of work.