NIKKI BEACH" project, one of the projects of "Evrascon LLC", the construction of an artificial island located in Nardaran settlement of Baku continues. . It is planned to place the designed artificial island approximately 160-200 m away from the coast. The level of the seabed varies between 0.30 m and 2.50 m from the coast to the sea.
The artificial island covers an area of about 1 ha (9962 m²). In order to create an artificial island, it is planned to build a closed stone-casting dam at a height of 4-5 m above the sea bottom level. The width of the dam from the top is 2 m. In order to strengthen the foot of the embankment in the deep parts, it is planned to provide an additional stone-cast support prism and concrete blocks. Sand material will be used to fill the inner part of the closed dam.
The construction of entertainment and recreational buildings and facilities (one or two-story recreation spaces, gazebos, shallow pools) is planned on the artificial island.